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We accompany Swiss SMEs into the digital future.

Start Up Digital Transformation SME
Microsoft Partners

The vision of Powerfully GmbH is to provide customers with digital and efficient solutions for their business needs

This includes the use of innovative technologies such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages and AI Builder to automate and optimize customers' business processes.


The aim is to offer customers improved collaboration, better decision-making, better customer experience and increased efficiency.


In addition, Powerfully GmbH builds a close and trusting relationship with its customers by providing them with quality, personalized support and advice to help them achieve their goals.

My stations

Founder of Powerfully GmbH

Head of Digital Transformation
(Swiss SME)

Team and project leader 
(Swiss SME)

The mission of Powerfully GmbH is to support your company in the development and implementation of your digital strategies. Thanks to digital business processes, you can remain successful in your traditional market in the long term.

For several years I was able to drive the digital transformation based on the Microsoft Power Platform at a Swiss SME.

During my work as a team and project manager, I was able to take on responsibility early on.

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