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Powerfully Risk Manager B2B

For insurance brokers and risk managers

Risk management solution (B2B)

The Powerfully Risk Manager is aimed at insurance brokers, risk managers and trustees who want advise their clients in the area

of insurance and risk management and want to offer customers a digital service. The Powerfully Risk Manager is a tailor-made software solution. Adaptations to your needs are standard with us.

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Risk assessment Powerfully Risk Manager
Powerfully Risk Manager Matrix
Dashboard Powerfully Risk Manager
Risk Report
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Marc Sigrist, Founder

During my career in the broker market, I have learned that every insurance broker ticks differently and has individual requirements...

That is why the Powerfully Risk Manager not a standard software, but individual adjustments are standard with us.

The Powerfully Risk Manager in the form of an individually configurable Microsoft Power App supports insurance brokers in carrying out the risk management process with their customers.
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Risk assessment Powerfully Risk Manager.png
Dashboard Powerfully Risk Manager.png
Features Powerfully Risk Manager

Measures and
automatic reminders

Stay in regular contact with your customers.  The automatic reminders for risk measures and for renewed risk assessments generate touchpoints between you and your customers.

Create risk catalogues

Create  individual risk catalogs for different economic sectors or customer sizes in order to start the risk process on a good basis.

software and reports

The software can be completely adapted to your needs. Likewise the reports generated by the software. The white labeling function is available by default, so you can always appear with your own logo.

Insurance gaps automatically

Synchronize the insurance policies from your brokerage software (CRM) and link policies to the appropriate risks. In this way, you can quickly and efficiently identify insurance gaps and identify upselling potential.

Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI

Powerfully Risk Manager is one of the first software solutions in this space to leverage the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, OpenAI's groundbreaking language model. By integrating ChatGPT, you can for example have risk descriptions generated automatically or get inspiration from ChatGPT for risk identification.

Features Powerfully Risk Portal

Digital service
for your customers

With the Powerfully Risk Portal you can offer your customers online self-service. Digital services are becoming increasingly important these days.

Take joint action to mitigate risk

The Powerfully Risk Portal offers the possibility of assigning specific measures for risks to individual portal contacts (customers). As a result, the portal also functions as a platform for collaboration between those responsible in the risk management process.

Dashboards and reports

Offer your clients interactive dashboards and attractive reports that are easy to understand in the Powerfully Risk Portal.


Both the Powerfully Risk Portal and the Powerfully Risk Manager are available in 3 languages by default. German, French and English. Other languages can be added if required.

The Powerfully Risk Portal enables you to give your customers access to the jointly identified risks.
Powerfully Risk Portal
Corporate Dashboard Powerfully Risk Portal
Form Powerfully Risk Portal

Pricing models

  • Is the Powerfully Risk Manager a replacement for our broker software (customer database and policy management)?
    The Powerfully Risk Manager serves as a supplement to the customer database and is not intended as a replacement for it. The solution was specially developed to support the implementation of risk management processes together with the customer. The customer database remains indispensable for the administration and organization of customer data and policies. However, the Powerfully Risk Management solution is a powerful tool to improve risk management and increase efficiency when performing risk analysis.
  • What about data security?
    The Powerfully Risk Management solution is based on the Microsoft Power Platform and is installed on the broker's existing Microsoft Tenant. The software is located in Switzerland, which ensures secure and trustworthy management of the data. The stored data is always with the broker and not with Powerfully GmbH. Thus, the broker has complete control over the management and storage of the data and can be sure that the data is always protected and treated confidentially. In other words, if you're already working with Microsoft 365 today, the data will remain in your same Microsoft tenant as before.
  • Is Powerfully GmbH an insurance and risk management specialist?
    Powerfully GmbH is not an insurance and risk management specialist, but a pure IT company. This is despite the fact that the founder, Marc Sigrist, has a bachelor's degree in Risk & Insurance and almost 15 years of brokerage and insurance experience.The standard version of the software solution is based on common risk management processes, but it is assumed that every broker has the necessary specialist knowledge to adapt the processes in the software to their needs. The risk catalogs (predefined risks for specific economic sectors) are also to be determined by the broker.
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